Tapa, Beach, and Friends

For the 2017 Food, Culture, and Design workshop held at ELISAVA, the task was to design a dish that fully reflected our two week experience in Barcelona.

The concept of my dish was to represent cities near the sea in Barcelona. To portray local ingredients and culture, I chose a vibrant color palette and unique textures. I also drew inspiration from Torre Agbar Tower for this concept. 

Visual inspirations

To me, Barcelona is a destination where many come to meet friends at tapa bars, and lounge near the beachside. 

Walking around the city, the historical, yet modern architecture of the city left a deep impression on me. The colors of the city were vibrant and seemed to evolve with mosaic pattern.


My choice of ingredients were vegetables and grains. Their varying textures blended well together, mimicking the colors of the city.


The shape and texture of the couscous represented the sand. The main part of the dish is a mixture of shredded zucchini skin, pan fried shimeji mushroom, and roasted red pepper, represents the Torre Agbar Tower.